On-street parking task group (Part Two): Council signed parking meter deal in May 2011

haslemereparking.com has already written about the Surrey County Council’s Environment and Transport Select Committee Report of The On-street Parking Task Group, May 2011, citing the references used.

Here is the report again for ease of reference….Report of the on-street parking task committee May 2011

It’s a long report so it’s broken down into several blog posts.

Under the heading: Type and location of machines, point 13

The cost of purchasing and maintaining machines is set out in the business case at Annexe 2 (Editor’s note, that may be a future blog post…). The Task Group noted that the cabinet member for Transport would be agreeing a contract for the supply of machines at a decision-making meeting on 18th May 2011, but considered this to be acceptable, as it was noted that this would be a call-off contract and hence did not predetermine how many machines would be purchased ahead of the consultation exercise.

Chris Caulfield of The Surrey Advertiser wrote about this on 18th May 2011 –  Council poised to sign deal parking meter deal

The article begins:

JUST days after the views of 26,289 people opposed to parking charges in Surrey were ignored, the council was poised to approve the supplier of pay and display machines.

It has emerged the decision to award the parking meter contracts was due to be made on the same day the proposals were meant to be scrutinised.

And further down the article Chris Caulfield writes:

While the meeting was taking place, as the two meetings are scheduled to overlap, the cabinet member responsible will be in another room approving a company to supply parking meters.

This meeting was held in private with the press and public excluded.

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