Next Waverley Local Area Committee meeting @haslemerehall 21/9/12, 2pm

The next Waverley Local Area Committee will be on Friday 21st September at Haslemere Hall.

The subject of parking in Haslemere will almost certainly be on the agenda.

Public questions begin at 1.30pm and the meeting runs from 2pm to 5pm.

These were the public questions asked at the previous Waverley Local Area Committee meeting in June:

Residents’ questions at the June 2012 LAC meeting.

These were some residents’ thoughts after attending the March 2012 Waverley Local Area Committee meeting:

Meeting was reminiscent of something between Hogarth’s Gin Lane & the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

The Chairwoman of that meeting had an autocratic controlling manner more typical of a dictatorship than a democracy.

A local business owner wrote to the Leader of Surrey County Council, David Hodge, and to Jeremy Hunt stating that the word Committee is laughable.

A day at the Panto was how another resident described the meeting.

Steve Renshaw, Surrey County Councillor, held a different view. In the Haslemere Herald, he shared the Committee’s view of the people of Haslemere. He said he was very concerned with the discourtesy and inappropriate behaviour of so many of the public.