Next Local Committee (Waverley) meeting, 22nd June 2012

I’ve been thinking about that Surrey County Council’s last Waverley Local Committee meeting back in March 2012. If you weren’t there, here is a refresher.

There was a consistent view from attendees that the meeting was conducted in a certain way. A re-cap:

One Haslemere resident wrote to Jeremy Hunt, MP for South West Surrey saying, The Chairwoman of that meeting had an autocratic controlling manner more typical of a dictatorship than a democracy.

Another resident said the meeting was reminiscent of something between Hogarth’s Gin Lane & the Mad Hatter’s tea party. One attendee described it as a truly appalling meeting.

A local business owner wrote to the Leader of Surrey County Council, David Hodge, and to Jeremy Hunt stating that the word Committee is laughable.

A day at the Panto was how another resident described the meeting.

Not everyone felt that way. Steve Renshaw, Surrey County Councillor, held a different view. In the Haslemere Herald, he shared the Committee’s view of the people of Haslemere. He said he was very concerned with the discourtesy and inappropriate behaviour of so many of the public.

There is another Local Committee coming up on 22nd June 2012. Here is the agenda:

One page one:

Members of the public are informed that permission to electronically record the meeting is at the discretion of the Chairman.

In the previous agenda from the March 2012 meeting this line was omitted on page one. Why, when other Local Committee meetings have webcasts, would the Chairman object to a recording?

Page two of the agenda states:

This is a meeting in public.


 2.8 Update on the implementation of the Waverley Parking Review and on-street charging proposals
With the Haslemere proposals in abeyance, all remaining proposals for Waverley, as approved at local committee on 16 September 2011 and 16 March 2012, will be implemented in stages during summer and autumn 2012. Some of the simpler proposals which just involve road markings will likely be completed in the summer, whereas the more involved schemes such as the on-street charging and controlled parking zone extensions will likely continue into the autumn.

Ambiguous as that wording does not make it clear if some of the simpler proposals which just involve road markings will likely be completed in the summer mean in Haslemere or all the remaining proposals for Waverley.

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2 Responses to Next Local Committee (Waverley) meeting, 22nd June 2012

  1. Editor says:

    Response from SCC re ambiguous agenda wording above (via a Haslemere resident):

    “…it is the case that no proposals relating to on-street parking in Haslemere will come before the Local Committee on 22 June 2012. The reference in sentence two of the paragraph quoted refers to the implementation of agreed proposals elsewhere in Waverley and not in Haslemere. It is hoped that, following the initial meeting with stakeholders in Haslemere due to take place next week, it will be possible to provide an update on the way forward for Haslemere.”

    • Victorialeake says:

      Interesting, Lower Street and Shepherds Hill have not received an invite to the stakeholders meeting?????????????

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