Modified plans for Petworth Road via @WoodieandMorris

Hi Editor,

Thought you would like to know that two men from SCC came to visit us yesterday and spoke to me and Clive (as co-owners of Woodie & Morris on Petworth Road) – following Clive’s letter to SCC re. Petworth Road parking.  The two men had been sent to talk to the businesses & retailers to talk about the proposed changes.  Interestingly they said the plans had been modified and the layby would now be extended to include a bus lane and two parking spaces.

A development of sorts worth mentioning.



Melanie Rollinson


From: Woodie & Morris

Sent: 10 January 2013 8:13 AM
To: Haslemere Parking
Subject: update – Petworth Road parking

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One Response to Modified plans for Petworth Road via @WoodieandMorris

  1. Victorialeake says:

    WOW what a result. Petworth Road must be an anomaly as Lower Street, Haslemere have had these vile black railings erected and none of the residents were consulted and we all think they are most foul!

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