Disappointing after their hard work we take away the fruits of their labours

Here they are…

The Chair (Councillor Pat Frost – right hand side) and the Vice-Chair (Councillor Steve Renshaw – left hand side) of the Local Committee (Waverley)

We must be grateful that Pat Frost met with the individual stakeholders in a separate meeting on the 6th March 2012. Thank you, Chair.

Residents of Haslemere, perhaps The Haslemere Society should be lobbied to arrange 14 blue plaques in lieu of the parking meters. Each one inscribed with the words of Pat Frost, Chair of the Local Committee (Waverley) when paying tribute to Surrey County Council’s parking officers, remembering their hard work. No. No. That is the silliest of ideas. After all, blue plaques recognise an outstanding contribution to human welfare or happiness. I know Readers, how about an inscription etched on the ridiculous railings at the end of Charter Walk?

The inscription to read:

Disappointing after their hard work we take away the fruits of their labours

In Latin (courtesy of Google Translate):

Offensione, quod est post laborem tollatur fructum laborum

A constant reminder, lest we forget…


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2 Responses to Disappointing after their hard work we take away the fruits of their labours

  1. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Very good.

    I also like Pat Frost’s answer to one question, “I don’t understand the term MORAL LEADERSHIP”. Then, to worm her way out of the question, she turned on the person who asked the question and asked them how they’d define it.

    The question I asked at the meeting almost dragged an apology from Pat, but at best she took the opportunity to suggest they were keen to listen. They all still missed the point over working FOR their electorate. Furthermore, the way the chairperson, Pat, used meeting rules not as a guideline for efficiency, but as a blocker to democracy is a complete disgrace.

    I couldn’t get a second word in, I was going follow up with:

    ” on the basis of my first question, the mood in this room, the known lies and subversive process this has followed, will Cllr Renshaw be at least contrite and offer his resignation as a way of offering an apology to the people of Haslemere?”

    I still think he should go, now rather than next year. I will be trying to find out if there is due process that can make this happen.


    • AW1957 says:

      I think it shows that devolving power to Local Committees just does not work. I’m sure it was well-intentioned on the part of David Hodge to get this structure in place but where is the conversation with residents? Where’s the democracy? One councillor sat in the meeting eating his sandwiches. Another read his newspaper. There was no engagement. Councillor Frost was off the set of St Trinian’s. Councillor Renshaw should leave town but not before he’s packed his parking meters and his tins of yellow paint into a removal van, hopefully leaving enough space in the van for himself. The fruits of their labour comment by Frost was just stupid and not as insidious as Renshaw doing his sincere face and pretending to the committee he was the goodie who cared about people being able to get their prescriptions from the pharmacy. Anyone know how long the call-off period was for the parking meters?

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