Lucky Woldingham. They were consulted and all day parking is £2.50 for commuters

Woldingham station parking consultation

Surrey County Council regularly receives complaints about commuter parking and the associated damage it causes to the verges in Church Road, Woldingham.

Woldingham Station is currently served by two car parks, one operated by Southern Trains, and one operated by Tandridge District Council. However, these facilities are generally at capacity and commuter parking now fills the full extent of Church Road to the south of the station, with approximately 70 vehicles parked here on a daily basis. Parking has virtually destroyed the verge and has caused the road to become very muddy, particularly in the winter months. This is a popular station and it is also difficult to find a parking space anywhere near the station after 10am.

In order to improve conditions in Church Road, Surrey County Council is considering formalising the parking. This will mean there will still be a facility to park on the highway, however the parking will be regulated to reduce instances of obstruction, maintain access to nearby properties and reduce damage to the highway. It is also planned to introduce a daily charge to park in Church Road. This should help reduce demand (by encouraging commuters driving from more distant areas to park nearer their own railway stations) thus freeing up some spaces during the day for station users.


It is proposed to formalise and improve the parking arrangements in Church Road as follows:

  • Formal parking bays will be created in the verge. The verge will be hardened to prevent it becoming churned up.
  • Passing places will be created to help maintain access for farm machinery and local residents
  • A charge of £2.50 per day is planned to help recover the cost of the works and free up spaces near the station by managing demand.

How to comment

A plan showing the proposed layout can be downloaded below, and if you wish to comment on the proposals please visit by 20 January 2012.

Did anyone see a survey for Haslemere parking proposals?

Files available to download

pdf file
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