Letters re New Wey Hill Neighbourhood Planning Forum to @Jeremy_Hunt, @WaverleyBC, HTC and @EricPickles

Dear Julianne (as President of Haslemere Chamber of Commerce), Jane (as President of the Haslemere Society) and Nikki (re Haslemere Parking Forum),

We have attached a series of letters subsequent to the meeting in St Christopher’s Church last week, when it was agreed to set up the Wey Hill Neighbourhood Planning Forum. We trust that the letters are self-explanatory.

The first attachment is a letter to Robert Knowles in his capacity of Leader, Waverley Borough Council. The other attachments are letters to, respectively, the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP Secretary of State for Communities and Local GovernmentRt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, and Jim Edwards Mayor of Haslemere.

The letters have been sent by email to all councillors on Waverley Borough Council who are from the Haslemere area, requesting that they consider them at their forthcoming meeting on proposals for the Wey Hill fairground parking area. Copies have also gone to all Haslemere Town councillors, for all to make representations to Waverley Borough Council.

We would appreciate you making representations to Waverley Borough Council on the basis of our letter to the council.

Similarly, emails with these attachments have been sent to the chairs / co-ordinators of the following residents’ associations: Bunch Lane South, Wey Springs, Weydown Road, Stoatley Rise and Longdene Road.

We would welcome your views and will keep you briefed.


Yours sincerely,

Alan Barlow & David O’Brien


Wey Hill Neighbourhood Planning Forum


From: Alan Barlow [mailto:removed]
Sent: 24 April 2012 9:05 AM
To: jlnobbs@haslemere.com; haslemeresociety@haslemere.com; editor@haslemereparking.com
Cc: DavidO’Brien O’Brien
Subject: Fwd: Wey Hill Planning Forum, Localism Act – Letters

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