Letter to @WaverleyBC

Dear Editor

Here is an email I sent yesterday to Robin Pellow, Head of Democratic and Legal Services (Deputy Returning Officer) at Waverley Borough Council, to whom all written questions are submitted for the Executive meetings.  I haven’t had a response as yet.

Yours sincerely


Julianne Evans


Dear Robin

I wonder whether you received any written questions about the Wey Hill car park bearing in mind a) none of us ‘ordinary folk’ in Haslemere were aware that this was to be discussed at the next Executive meeting until yesterday and b) this item did not appear on the agenda available online until today (although if you trawled through all the papers you might have discovered it in Appendix F).  A bit difficult to submit a question within the required seven working days I would suggest!  Bearing in mind that many of us are people who cannot take time out of their working day to come and ask an informal question at the meeting itself, you are in danger of making people feel they are being kept in the dark.  I would be interested to know how members of the public will be informed about the consultation and which bodies or organizations will be notified.  Our experience with the ‘consultation’ over the increase in car parking charges and extension of charging hours is that the current statutory minimum that Waverley Borough Council employs is inadequate for ensuring a full and representative response.  Rob Anderton has assured me that WBC have realized this but I would be interested to know what this means in practice and how any future consultation will be made more fair and open.


Yours sincerely


Julianne Evans

President, Haslemere Chamber of Trade

Director, J L Nobbs Ltd



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Sent: 28 June 2012 11:43 AM
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