Letter to Mayor of Haslemere asking how the MSCP will be funded & how big it will be

This letter was sent to Libby Piper, Mayor of Haslemere, after reading the lead article in The Haslemere this week: http://www.haslemereherald.com/news.cfm?id=1576&headline=Car%20park%20plan%20gets%20backing on 16th January

Dear Libby

I’ve read in The Herald today that the town council is proposing to part fund a MSCP for Haslemere.

Please would you provide a full breakdown of the current funding scheme that has recently been reviewed by the DfT, including a detailed breakdown of how the town council will raise the funds? I’m keen to know what implications this will have for taxpayers and how this type of council spend with satisfy the social, economic and environmental benefits for residents as set out in the Social Value Act.

In addition, I’d like to know if your funding calculations are based on the existing planning for the car park or if it will be bigger/smaller than the plans that were on display back in 2009. I find it odd that residents are being to ask to agree to something without understanding the funding model or knowing the dimensions of the building. Is there a reason that none of this information regarding funding for and size of a proposed MSCP is available on the town council website?

I would also like to ask you if you feel that 200 responses in support out of a population of 17,000 should really be fairly described as “overwhelming support”?

As you know, I spoke with Lisa O’Sullivan and asked for town council information re the MSCP. Lisa sent me 5 documents after scanning HTC’s online documentation and it yielded very little evidence of consultation with Haslemere residents.

I know you’re very busy and I hate to bother you with this but I feel like I’m very much in the dark on this matter.

I look forward to your response.


UPDATE: Chased for a response on 24th January. Response from Mayor:

I apologise for not having replied earlier – I had asked Stephen Mulliner to reply to you as he has been heavily involved in the discussions over the past few years and is more au fait with the fine detail than I am.  I have phone him this afternoon and reminded him to reply to you soonest.


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