Letter to Haslemere Herald – Parking Plans Were Seriously Flawed

This letter has been submitted to the parking forum. It appeared in the Haslemere Herald yesterday:

Parking plans were seriously flawed

Sir, – I cannot think who Graeme Spratley thinks is looking for a fight with him (‘Parking pressures not shared by all’ letters June l5). I know of nobody who thinks that parking should be permitted in residential roads to the detriment of people who live there and whose access to their homes & garages may be impeded. Inconsiderate parking is not accept¬≠able. I have no doubt that this will be taken into account by the parking action group. And no one will want to fight about it.

Mr Hodge and Surrey County Council were right to with­draw the proposals which were put forward earlier this year. These were drawn up without proper consultation and they were seriously flawed in that they did not address the main problem which is to provide more off-road parking.

The installation of parking meters in the High Street would not help in this regard, but would be harmful to trade and detrimental to the town.

A multi-storey car park at the railway station would not, on its own, solve the problem, but it would be a step in the right direction.

J Mackie, High Street, Haslemere

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