@jeremy_hunt’s next 10 ideas for SW Surrey (2006) include improving commuter parking

In Jeremy Hunt’s next ten ideas for South West Surrey, voted for in 2006, number 6 was to improve parking at our railway stations.

Haslemere and Farnham train stations in particular really suffer from a lack of parking. This causes huge problems for local residents constantly affected by on street commuter parking outside their houses. Recently plans for an extra deck at Haslemere station were abandoned by South West Trains because of the recession, so Jeremy has been working with Network Rail and South West Trains to try and find an alternative solution.

Jeremy says:“It is crucial that we find a solution to the lack of parking at the stations. Commuter parking has become a nightmare in some streets but this problem will never be solved unless we increase station car park capacity.”

Next 10 Ideas PDF

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2 Responses to @jeremy_hunt’s next 10 ideas for SW Surrey (2006) include improving commuter parking

  1. haslemerehetty says:

    Re: 20mph limit in Haslemere

    What happened to Jeremy’s introduction or trial of a 20mph limit in Haslemere?

    Liphook and other areas have one.

    I live just a few minutes walk from the high street, but my family and I have to walk along unpaved roads. I have lost count how many times I have nearly been hit by cars ‘rat-running’ the residential streets.

    I have personal experience how a 20mph limit can save a life – someone I know very well hit a 10-year old boy who literally walked out between two parked cars. The boy was very lucky that the car had a safe ‘wedge-like’ front, and only doing about 15mph. The boy was thankfully OK but taken to hospital and released after a few days.

    I dread to think about if this had been a brick-like 12-seater 4×4, belting along at 35mph by a half-asleep commuter, with the sole occupant rushing to catch their train.

    I say whatever the parking outcome, let’s control the parking with considered road markings, but above all, introduce a 20mph limit throughout Haslemere.

    • Eternal Optimist says:

      Could not agree more with Haslemere Hetty! Why doesn’t Surrey support 20mph speed limits? There must be more to this than just the cost of the signs. Can anyone explain?

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