@jeremy_hunt meets Cllr Renshaw to discuss parking proposals

From Jeremy Hunt’s blog, dated 16th February…Jeremy Hunt meets Cllr Renshaw to discuss parking proposals.

South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt met with Surrey County Councillor Steve Renshaw on Friday (Editor’s note, 10th February 2012) to discuss the parking proposals for the town.

Following the meeting, Jeremy said: “On Friday I met Steve Renshaw and we discussed at length, the concerns that have been expressed both to me and to him by many Haslemere residents, along with those comments of support. Steve is obviously not able to comment until after the consultation process is finished and the responses properly analysed, but it was clear to me he has listened carefully to what people have said. My sense was that he is prepared to recommend substantive changes to the plans if the final results of the consultation confirm what he has heard so far.”

“I cannot pre-empt what is decided, but I do think the plans to introduce charges in the retail areas should be seriously reconsidered as they do not have the support of the town. With respect to the problem of commuter parking in streets near the station, whilst we should continue trying to solve the fundamental issue which is to increase car park capacity at the station, residents parking should be an option if the majority in a particular street want it.”

Keyword *Consultation*. Definition:

The verb *consult* (with obj.) seek information or advice from (someone especially an expert or professional) OR have discussions with (someone), typically BEFORE undertaking a course of action.

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