Interesting Tags in this article about @SurreyCouncil

In this Parking Forum, we’ve written before about the TaxPayers’ Alliance and their thoughts on Surrey County Council’s council tax increase, CEO pay and SCC’s non-jobs etc.

One blog – picks up on the theme here. They begin:

Surrey County Council was one of those councils who recently increased council tax. We have commented many times on how Surrey wastes taxpayers’ cash, so perhaps it was not unexpected the council increased the tax burden on its residents.

Now the council is looking for a Development Manager as, to quote the job advertisement, “It’s all change at Surrey County Council right now.” It also goes on to say it is aiming to become an even more efficient and effective council.

With a 72% rise in council tax over the last 10 years, efficient isn’t the first word that springs to mind. Readers may also remember this is the same council that spent over £15,000 on this pointless video.

You can read the rest of the article for yourself but, before you do that, look at the content tags that are used by the blog at the end of their article.

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