Here’s an example of how Cllr Pat Frost @SurreyCouncil votes, via @PrivateEyeNews #RottenBoroughs

The Chair of the Local Committee (Waverley), Pat Frost has appeared in Private Eye in the case of the Councillor who voted twice. They wrote:

Surrey County Council has approved an application from Tarmac plc to build a mortar processing plant more than 110 ft tall in the middle of the green belt near Godstone. The vote in favour of the plant, which has attracted strong local opposition was 7-6. Quite a result, given that there were only 12 councillors present. On a show of hands the actual vote was 6-5 against the application but dimwitted Tory planning committee chair Pat Frost counted it as 5-5. She then used her casting vote to make it 6-5 for. When one of the councillors who had voted against protested that her vote had not been counted, Frost gave the result as 6-6 and then used a second casting vote to make it 7-6 in favour. Brilliant! Just don’t let that woman anywhere near the finance committee.

This was written on the bigbluemeanie blog.

At least there was a vote for the mortar processing plant, albeit skewed. We did not see any voting at the Local Committee (Waverley) on 16th March 2012.


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