Here’s a Greenwich Councillor tying herself up in knots answering a parking question

Not sure what Cllr Hyland is actually saying here but I’m sure the question is not being answered. Cllr Hyland is a Greenwich councillor and this article appeared in, Council pressed over car parking charges.

THE CABINET member responsible for car parking in the borough says current pricing is “reasonable.”

(Ed’s note. Possibly that is the equivalent of Waverley Borough Council’s phrase “well received”.)

Cllr Denise Hyland was answering a question from Conservative Deputy Leader Alex Wilson at Wednesday’s full council meeting, who wanted to know if she agreed with a Labour MP’s recent warning on the price of car parking.

He asked: “Does she agree with Labour MP David Crausby, in relation to car parking charges, that if local authorities charge excessively for car parking within high streets and town centres, town centres are going to continue to die?”

Cllr Hyland began her reply by referring to Westminster Council.

“Well, I’m not taking any lessons from Westminster [council] that’s for certain where the Leader had to resign over the fiasco there and the Cabinet Member has now been shifted sideways, Mr Mayor.”

She continued: “There’s always a balance, isn’t there.  Everybody wants controls, everybody wants enforcement, nobody particularly wants to pay for it and the only way that we can fund enforcement is actually through levying a reasonable charge and if that’s what you wanted to hear from me about reasonableness, that’s what you will hear from this side of the Chamber around all issues including car parking.”

The council ramped up the price of parking at its Greenwich town centre car parks from £1.30 per hour to £2.50 per hour last year. revealed last October that the big price hike was delivering only a modest increase in revenue.

Earlier this year, council officers told councillors that the increases had only netted half the amount anticipated, and admitted they have not conducted any studies into the impact of the increases on local businesses

A further increase to £2.70 per hour is planned for next year.

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