Haslemere Herald front page: Parking Plan Suspension Welcome

Parking is on the front of the Haslemere Herald again: Parking plan suspension welcome

A STAY of execution by Surrey County Council on whether to introduce widespread new parking restrictions in Haslemere has been welcomed by campaigners.
Objectors protested the measures proposed would cause major problems by displacing cars currently parked without problems around the town.
In its response to the public consultation, which ended on November 16, Haslemere Town Council supported the proposals for King’s Road, Longdene Road and St Christopher’s Green.
But it objected that the council’s core proposals were faulty and called for the scheme to be deferred as “premature” with plans in the pipeline for 80 new parking spaces at the station.

The article is behind the Herald paywall. Also, there are two letters about parking in the letters’ page in this week’s edition.