@HaslemereVision minutes from their transport working group

Yesterday there was a workshop organised by Haslemere Vision with presentations from Planning Aid, a member of the Vision group regarding the most recent census and SCC Councillor, Nikki Barton. The aim of the meeting was to understand what can actually be in a neighbourhood plan, the whole process behind preparing the plan and the planning context behind neighbourhood planning. You might be interested to read the minutes of the inaugural meeting of The Transport Group. All the minutes of Haslemere Vision meetings are here, on the Vision website.

Haslemere Vision : Transport Group

Notes on the inaugural meeting held in the town Hall on Friday 6th September at 7:30

Present: Stephen Bennett, Andy Braithwaite, Ken Griffiths, Cyndy Lancaster, Marianne O’Brien, David Round, Robert Serman, David Simmons

Apologies: Nikki Barton, Paul Megson, Stephen Mulliner, David O’Brien, Diana Vartan

Absent: Sandra McHugh, Chloe Nash, Dominic Walton

Everyone introduced themselves, mentioning any particular experience they brought.   We were fortunate to have a number of members who are experienced in Engineering, Transport and Surveying (notably Stephen, Andy and Robert)

David Round had convened the meeting.  He went through the slides that the Vision had prepared, summarising the progress so far and action planned over the coming year.  We needed to have our ideas firmed-up by January 2014.

Our relationship with the other groups within the Vision was discussed.  It was agreed that we would need to have joint meetings with other groups, probably when our ideas were more refined.

Early ideas of our Vision were discussed openly.

It was stressed by Stephen and Andy that we would need to make sure that our plans were based on solid evidence (of issues requiring solution), and that they were feasible and deliverable.   It might help to differentiate, in our plans, between those projects that could be completed in the near future at little cost, and those of a more long-term (and perhaps high cost) nature.

A one-way system around the town was mentioned, as were cycle paths and “green routes” and pedestrianised areas.   Joining the two town centres (Old Town, Wey Hill) was viewed as a desirable objective.  Attention was drawn to the possibility that the “Youth Campus” area (Scout Huts etc behind Homewoods Fencing) might be in play in future as no-one really knew Waverley’s plans for the land.    Twenty mph speed limits were mentioned, including the warning that SCC (Surrey county Council) were not generally in favour.   It was appreciated that meetings would be necessary with SCC.  We liked the “Poynton” approach to integrating traffic and pedestrians.  We noted the “South Downs Gateway” idea

It was agreed that we would all summarise our own first ideas on our vision, our plan, and circulate them before the next meeting.  Then we would pore over maps/plans and begin to flesh out ideas.  We were keen to make progress.  Action : All

Robert Serman agreed to produce maps/plans.    Action: Robert

Andy agreed to find maps of the South Downs National Park.   Action:  Andy (actually done; thanks!)

We discussed our terms of Reference.  David was of the opinion that they were too wide-ranging and lacked a sense of proportion.   Andy pointed out (as did Ken and Stephen) that we needed to cover the seemingly larger-scale subjects of housing availability and sustainable transport (ie lower carbon footprint)  even if we managed to skirt around them by judicious phrasing in our actual plan.   It was noted that the railway station, and associated car-parking issues, formed a major part of our deliberations – and that this could be said also to be supporting a lower carbon footprint (in that it fostered rail transport).  We needed to revise our Terms of Reference.  Andy offered (and this was swiftly accepted) to provide a new version and all agreed to comment on it via email.

Action:  AndyAction also (to respond): All

We needed to elect a Chairman and as David Round offered to act in this role he was duly elected unanimously, being proposed and seconded by Cyndy, Ken and Robert.

We agreed that no-one wanted to meet at week-ends or on Friday, and that we would meet in the Town Hall (If available).  We are not all retired and thus day-time meetings were undesirable.  The next meeting was subsequently agreed as Wednesday 2nd October.

David Round

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