Haslemere parking forum gets mentioned in the local press. Thanks @LifeMags

Article in Life Magazines today:

Haslemere Chamber President, Julianne Evans, gives us an update on the recent Haslemere Parking campaign:

As a result of the overwhelming pressure from interest groups such as ours, who felt inadequately consulted or ignored, the Leader of Surrey County Council has asked Pat Frost, the Chair of Waverley Local Committee to meet with representatives of these groups on 6th March to discuss our concerns.

Meanwhile, I have been invited to present our petition at the next Local Committee meeting on 24th February (this Friday) at which time, I will be able to speak for three minutes to the Committee.

We are also planning our approach to the Local Committee meeting where the Officers’ report on the results of the consultation will be discussed and a decision made.  This is due to take place on March 16th, venue to be confirmed.  The papers will be published a week beforehand on the Surrey County Council website, so anyone who is interested may look at these.  You are entitled to submit a written question one week before the meeting (i.e.the same day the papers are published – very democratic!) and to attend the meeting, where you can ask a question before the meeting starts.  Public questions are from 1.30 till 2.

As the number of questions we are able to ask is likely to be limited, we will be co-ordinating ours with other interest groups who have been objecting to the proposals.  If you would like to come along and show your support you would be more than welcome – please let me know.  It is VITAL that the Committee realise the strength of feeling there is in the town.  I realise that the timing is not ideal for those of us who run small businesses – that is how they get these things through with so little objection!

Thanks to everyone who has helped with our campaign.

Editor’s note: And this is the mention for www.haslemereparking.com at the end of the article

A NEW INDEPENDENT FORUM HAS BEEN SET UP: WWW.HASLEMEREPARKING.COM – please have a look at the site send your letters and other contributions to editor@haslemereparking.com so that our views are well represented.  You can also follow this on Twitter.