Haslemere Herald, Town Council letter: Parking problems stem from lack of station spaces

This e-mail published in today’s Haslemere Herald has been forwarded to www.haslemereparking.com by Stephen Mulliner; Haslemere Town Council.

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Subject: FW: SCC parking issue – reply by HTC to Mr. Spratley

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Subject: RE: SCC parking issue – reply by HTC to Mr. Spratley

Dear Caroline,

13 February 2012


Mr. Spratley (Letters, February 10) chooses to criticise named Town Councillors in connection with parking problems in his road and more widely.

This is unfair because the HTC members operate as a close-knit team who consider the needs of the whole town as well as of their own wards.  So, if blame were due, it should be applied to all of us equally.

However, he seems to overlook the fact that Haslemere’s car parking problems stem from the lack of adequate parking capacity at Haslemere Station.

Without extra capacity, preferably by the construction of a multi-storey car park (“MSCP”), there is only a limited amount that can be done.  Up to 950 cars regularly seek all-day parking in the town and are likely to continue to do so.  Most are commuters but shop owners and workers in shops and schools are also included.  About 600 use the car parks – at the station (250), Weydown Road (190), Tanners Lane (30+) or the Fairground (90 plus 40 camping in the shopper’s section).  The other 350 or so park in the streets near and not so near the station.

HTC has been actively promoting the need for a MSCP to South-West Trains

(“SWT”) since 2005 when Michael Dover become Town Mayor and made it his priority.  The campaign was continued under subsequent Mayors and HTC was the driving force in encouraging an application by SWT for planning permission for a 463-space MSCP.  This was approved by Waverley Borough Council in May 2009 and it was hugely disappointing that SWT then decided not to go ahead because of viability concerns.  HTC continues to lead on this issue today by maintaining regular contact with Network Rail which, in a positive development, is now working actively in partnership with SWT to deliver the much needed extra capacity at the station.  We cannot yet be sure exactly when it will come, but come it assuredly will, certainly within the next five years and hopefully much sooner.

Mr. Spratley clearly understands that HTC has very limited statutory powers and none in respect of highways matters.  Traditionally, the senior tiers have been jealous of their powers and rather reluctant to exercise them solely at the behest of a town or parish council.  However, the new era of localism and subsidiarity, welcomed so warmly by the new SCC Leader, Cllr.

David Hodge, on 11 October 2011, offers an exciting opportunity that could be of tangible benefit to electors and all tiers of local authority.

HTC has sent a detailed response to SCC’s car parking proposals, objecting to the retail parking proposals and the all-day parking proposals but supporting the residents’ parking proposals where these can be introduced without undesirable consequences.  A copy of the response is available at http://www.haslemere.com/towncouncil/responsehtc <Note from Editor, link amended>.  However, what we have also done is to urge SCC to devolve responsibility to HTC to come forward with parking proposals after we have carried out wide-ranging and effective public consultation, thereby saving SCC both money and grief.  Public consultation is something at which Haslemere as a town is rather good.  In the last few years there have been successful consultations on the Haslemere Initiative, the Hindhead London Road Concept Statement, Transition Haslemere and, most recently, the Haslemere Design Statement.  The SCC Waverley Local Committee would then play an important role in deciding whether the HTC proposals on behalf of the town were sound and worthy of implementation.

It is unfortunate that, despite the considerable efforts of Cllr. Renshaw to manage public consultation single-handedly, a great number of Haslemere residents do not feel consulted and appear to regard the SCC parking proposals as an attempt to impose a pre-decided policy.  It is to be sincerely hoped that lessons have been learned.  Public consultation on major issues in a town as well-defined as Haslemere should in future involve everyone affected and be co-ordinated at town level by HTC and other town interest groups and not conducted at the more remote borough or county level.



Stephen Mulliner

Member, Haslemere Town Council, Haslemere North & Grayswood Member, Waverley Borough Council, Haslemere Critchmere & Shottermill

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4 Responses to Haslemere Herald, Town Council letter: Parking problems stem from lack of station spaces

  1. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Personally I think Stephen Mulliner is a fine councillor, a nicely written letter.

    However Haslemere doesn’t have a parking problem really – just a bunch of people in massive houses with plenty of off-street parking moaning about on-street parking that has no real affect on them. However they seem to love talking about the commuter blight like some plague of locusts. The station was there before you were born…
    (AN EXCEPTION is a few roads that would benefit from a resident scheme – but they should get this set up for free, and not have a 125 £ fee imposed).

    Everything else is a money making SCC heist. Roll on 2013 when we can kick out these rogues in the elections. You’d think the local haslemere councillor would be doing things for Haslemere’s benefit…

  2. Editor says:

    Dear Grayswoodcommuter

    Councillor Stephen Mulliner at Haslemere Town Council is unable to log in so he has submitted this response for you.

    From: Stephen Mulliner [mailto:removed]
    Sent: 18 February 2012 2:56 PM
    To: editor@haslemereparking.com

    Complaints from Derby and Weydown Road residents played no part in the process. Derby Road residents have had few complaints about parking since 2009 when the single yellow line was placed on the south side of the road to prevent double parking. Weydown Road residents have been mainly concerned about speeding in the road although sight-lines for some residents are obscured by the parked cars.

    Lastly, the 2013 elections are only about the County Council. The next Town and Borough elections are in 2015. The Town Council has not been invited to play any part in the SCC consultation process but has been doing its best to ensure that the SCC proposals are scrutinised carefully and, by the public meeting on 24 January, to ensure that residents had at least one event at which they could give their views directly to SCC. The formal HTC response to the SCC proposals is a detailed document that seeks to analyse each part of the proposals in proper depth.

  3. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Hi HaslemereParking,

    Indeed SCC elections will be in 2013. Cllr Steven Renshaw will be up for election. That is all I was referring to. I also had no intention to refer to weydown or derby roads, in fact I made no mention of them.

    Because I enjoy a good relationship with HTC I will repeat, I think they have done a fantastic job on this issue, please keep up the good work. I sense the end result will be a lot better then initially devised by SCC.


  4. Editor says:


    As requested I have re-submitted your clarification (above).

    I have also edited from plural to singular the word *councillor*, as requested.

    Apologies from my side if editing caused confusion.

    Yours, Editor
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    From: Adrian Butter [mailto:]
    Sent: 18 February 2012 3:49 PM
    To: editor@haslemereparking.com
    Subject: Re: [Haslemere Parking] Please moderate: “Haslemere Herald, Town Council letter: Parking problems stem from lack of station spaces”

    Please can you post this further reply:

    Stephen Mulliner and all, an urgent clarification. In my comment my reference to rogues and councillors etc was reference to SCC and the notion of decisions for Haslemere made from afar. I specifically mentioned one local SCC councillor but this was rightly edited out.

    For the record, HTC have, to my mind done an excellent job over the years, and the latest parking fiasco has again shown their desire for good politics in Haslemere. Well done HTC, and apologies for my first comment being loosely worded and leading to unintended inference.


    Adrian Butter / grayswoodCommuter

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