Haslemere Herald letter: Wey Hill (fairground) inquiry must be held in Haslemere

Letter in today’s Haslemere Herald.

Dear Sir

I refer to the valid letter from Robert Serman in this week’s (1st November) edition of the Haslemere Herald.

I too have received a letter from the planning inspectorate about the date and venue of the inquiry and when I asked as to why it was being held in Godalming, I was told that “The applicant (WBC), investigated the possibility of booking Haslemere Hall for the public inquiry but it was ruled out, because it is not available on the dates allocated.”

After I received that information from the inspectorate, I checked and found that Haslemere Hall was indeed not available, but after making just three subsequent telephone calls, I found three other venues in Haslemere that were available on the dates of the inquiry and were also of a sufficient size to hold the inquiry. If I can find out that information in just three telephone calls, then why cannot  Waverley?

It is my understanding that upwards of 230 people from Haslemere took time out of their busy lives to write to the planning inspectorate about this issue, so clearly it is important to  a significant number – given that those who took the trouble to respond, probably represent only a small proportion of those who are really concerned

I would therefore ask that all our Waverley Borough Councillors who represent Haslemere,  come out of the shadows and publically stand alongside the good people of Haslemere and insist that this inquiry about Haslemere be held in Haslemere.

Many of your readers will know that because the residents of Farnham believe that Waverley Borough Council are behaving more like an old fashioned ‘Rotten Borough’ rather than an open and transparent modern democracy, that they are mounting a petition to the Queen to break away from Waverley.

Surely that is something that we do not want to do.  Or do we?

Ken Griffiths

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