Haslemere Herald letter. @SurreyCouncil parking deadline looms

Dear Sir

Ref. Surrey County Council deadline

It is 9 months since a group of volunteers set up the www.haslemereparking.com website and we are so surprised to have had just shy of 60,000 page views in that time. We originally set up the website as a central place to share information and opinion about Surrey County Council’s and Waverley Borough Council’s parking proposals for Haslemere.

We’ve published hundreds of articles and comments and we’ve observed a clear majority against Surrey County Council’s proposals (ranging from the Pay & Display proposals that were dropped in March to the current proposals that will have wide displacement issues without addressing the real issue of commuter parking). We also highlighted that only 2 residents supported the extended hour in Chestnut Avenue car park and yet that was somehow translated from a single promise to review Chestnut Avenue into a broadly well received fee increase in the context of a borough car park review.

The deadline to respond to the current Surrey County Council on street parking proposals is Friday 16th November 2012.  The proposals are outlined on the www.haslemereparking.com website and will be the Featured Story until the Friday 16th November deadline so it will be easy for readers to view the maps and current public notice.

Hundreds of objections were not included in the officers’ report that was submitted to the Local Committee in March as many letters were not specifically related to individual items within the proposals. When responding, please be sure to be specific on a road-by-road basis and make your reasoning clear.

Volunteer Editor, www.haslemereparking.com