Haslemere Herald letter. Send your views on @SurreyCouncil parking plans


This letter is directed to all the residents, shoppers, workers and commuters in Haslemere.  I am sure most of them have seen the public notice published on the 19th of October and the articles in the front page on the 26th of October and 2nd of November.

SCC is once again trying to introduce parking restrictions in our town.  Although the proposed restrictions claim to resolve some parking issues in reality most of them will worsen the parking situation.

Some residents in Haslemere lacking on-street parking are desperate to be able to park outside their homes.  SCC should listen to them and try to resolve their problem.  I think most residents will support measures that address this problem.  This however should not be to the detriment to other residents and neighbours.  The proposal of SCC however goes much further than those desperate roads.

Personally my main concerns are displacement (which I think SCC has not considered appropriately), parking around the Hospital and surgery (I can not understand the need for restrictions in Beech Road), parking around schools and churches (in particular St Bartholomew’s Church and school) and visiting friends (restrictions apply to roads where currently I can park when I visit friends, this will not be possible if ROPs are introduced in those roads).

I am planning to review the proposals in detail and write a letter to SCC with my objections before the deadline of the 16th of November and I urge all residents, shoppers, workers and commuters in town to do the same.  As a community we were successful when we objected to the last proposals (including Pay and Display in the town).  It is very tiring and frustrating to have to do this again but I am convinced that if everybody who cares writes with their objections we will succeed in protecting our town from unjustifiable restrictions.

Objections should be sent before the 16th of November to parking@surreycc.gov.uk copied to david.hodge@surrey.gov.uk, huntj@parliament.uk, eric.pickles@communities.gsi.gov.uk and clerk.haslemere@htc.com


Maria Mateo

Resident of Haslemere