Haslemere Herald leads with parking story this week.

The Haslemere Herald’s lead story is about parking. The article begins:

SURREY County Council has published its plans for residents’ parking permits, leaving people three weeks to object to the proposals.
“Phase one” of the proposals, agreed by the county council’s local committee in September, has now entered the official 28-day statutory consultation period.

Residents-only permits are proposed in Beech Road, Chestnut Avenue, Courts Hill Road, Derby Road, Kings Road, Longdene, Popes Mead and the western end of West Street, Sandrock, St Christopher Green, and Tanners Lane (between Church Road and Church Lane).

Extensive double yellow lines throughout the town are also part of the scheme, some to prevent non-resident parking.

For full story, see this week’s Haslemere Herald.

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