Haslemere Chamber sets sights on solving parking problems via @LifeMags

This article appeared today in Life Magazines: Chamber sets sights on solving parking problems
Haslemere Chamber is aiming to tackle the town’s parking problems by taking over the central car park to run as a community asset.
The proposal would involve marking out up to 45 bays to rent to members only and erecting a barrier to ensure only those who have paid to rent the bays get access to the car park. Entry will be by electronic tag or a similar device.
An annual rent would be charged of between £400 and £500 per year to meet the anticipated annual rent of £15,000 payable to the Co-op and initial start up and ongoing costs, such as the installation of the barrier, bay marking, electricity and maintenance.
The car park would be run as a not-for-profit company, with a board of directors made up of members of the Chamber. Any profit made after running and maintenance costs are met will either be given back to those who have rented a bay or invested in the Chamber.
Haslemere Chamber acting president Craig McGowan explained: “Co-op, owners of the car park behind Collingwood Batchellor, are looking to divest themselves of the liability for running and maintaining the car park by outsourcing the management to their car park operator.
“This is will result in charges being introduced which will likely be in line with those charged in the town centre car park.
“However, the Chamber has been given the opportunity to take over the car park for the benefit of the town centre traders and their staff in order to continue to provide them with access to low cost parking.
“The committee cannot do this on its own and it cannot commit such expenditure without the approval of the members. We need to know that there is enough support within the membership to allow such expenditure and that there will be enough members in the town centre willing to rent a bay(s).”
To find out more or register your interest, email admin@haslemerechamber.co.uk