Happy 1st birthday haslemereparking.com

On the 9th February 2012, two people got in touch via Twitter. One said, “we need to capture this parking conversation in one place”. At the time, Surrey County Council was looking to install parking meters in Haslemere, with no analysis, data, research to support the case. Waverley Borough Council was increasing charges and extending charging hours in Haslemere car parks. In the Twitter conversation, one agreed to set up the blog, the other agreed to curate the content. A designer got in touch and asked to be involved.

haslemereparking.com was born.

Today, it is our one year anniversary. THANK YOU to the reader who made this cake for us to mark the occasion.


In our first year, the site has had 3,838 unique visitors and 78,765 page views.



In Autumn, Surrey County Council will conduct a Waverley parking review. Waverley Borough Council will review the increased charges and extended hours for Chestnut Avenue car park. An application is being prepared by Waverley Borough Council to the Secretary of State to refurbish the Wey Hill car park.

Our first year has been spent seeking opinion about Haslemere parking. Through the comments on the website there was minority support for the parking proposals last year. Our second year will see the website as a campaigning website in support of proper consultation and evidence based research to find parking solutions for Haslemere. We have changed our masthead now to read simply, haslemereparking.com.

There will be a working group set up by Surrey County Council where they are encouraging major stakeholders to come together to work collaboratively to find solutions for the town. That should bring together SCC, WBC, HTC, Haslemere Vision, churches, schools, residents, associations, societies.

We have meetings scheduled with Jeremy Hunt, MP South West Surrey and David McNulty, Chief Executive, Surrey County Council.

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