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One of the most frequent concerns for Surrey residents is inconsiderate parking.

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What is inconsiderate parking?

Any type of parking that makes life difficult for others is considered selfish, however the following have been identified as being the most common:

  • parking on or too close to junctions
  • parking on zigzags
  • parking and blocking a lane
  • parking on a bend
  • parking on and blocking pavements
  • parking on and ruining verges
  • parking across crossing points
  • parking across or too close to driveways.

How does inconsiderate parking affect others?

Anti-social parking can result in many problems for others including:

  • blocking emergency vehicles access i.e. ambulances, police cars or fire engines
  • blocking roads and driveways
  • causing obstruction to pedestrians crossing the roads or using the pathways
  • increased congestion
  • accessibility problems for larger vehicles i.e. refuse lorries.

About ParkSMART

parking sign

Park SMART aims to inform motorists about current parking regulations and encourages sensible parking. By parking correctly you can help reduce accidents, improve the flow of traffic and limit the damage to the environment caused by congestion.

To find out more about Park SMART, where you can and cannot park, and more about who is responsible for parking enforcement visit,

You can also down load the ParkSMART leaflet at


Who’s responsible for parking in Surrey?

Surrey County Council is the highway authority and so responsible for making changes to parking controls and parking restrictions in the county, except in Guildford, where the borough council does this on the county council’s behalf.

Where there are parking controls and parking restrictions (i.e. parking bays and yellow lines) the borough and district councils, acting as agents of the county council, are responsible for enforcing them. To do this, their enforcement officers carry out regular patrols to check that cars are parking legally. They also have powers allowing them to issue a parking ticket to cars parked in front of dropped kerbs or double parked, but they would only be able to do this if they had someone available or nearby.

The police can take action if cars are parked causing an obstruction or where they may cause a danger to other road users, whether there are parking restrictions in place or not. This may include parking across a driveway, so the resident cannot get out or parking so far onto a pavement that pedestrians cannot get through, or parking too near a junction.

Who do I contact where I live?

To find out more about on street parking services and enforcement where you live see below:

If you live in Guildford and Waverley, CLICK HERE(Guildford Borough Council carry out on street parking enforcement for Waverley) gbc
 If you live in Surrey Heath CLICK HERE

 SHBC logo green 
 If you live in Woking CLICK HERE
If you live anywhere else contact your local Borough or District Council.
If a car is causing an obstruction or is a danger to other road users contact Surrey Police on 101 or visit In an emergency always dial 999. surrey police
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