Fresh row erupts over parking: This week’s Haslemere Herald

The current issue of the Haslemere Herald leads with the headline: Fresh row erupts over parking.

A FRESH parking row has erupted after town and borough councillors claimed that Waverley had kept them in the dark about plans to start charging for a car park in Haslemere High Street, which is currently free.
The borough council revealed this week it had been approached by the Co-op a few months ago, about the land it owns behind Collingwood Batchellor furniture shop, which currently provides free parking for 46 vehicles.
Waverley was told by the Co-op a company was keen to take it over and start charging, but the borough council was given the option of leasing the site and running it as a contract car park giving priority and discounted parking to local employees.
Waverley turned down the offer claiming it would not be cost effective.
For full story, see this week’s Haslemere Herald.

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