E-mail to Councillor Jim Edwards of @WaverleyBC regarding Wey Hill Fairground

E-mail to Cllr Edwards, sent this evening

Dear Cllr Edwards

On the Waverley Borough Council website, in your biography, it states:

“I am a Haslemere Town Councillor for the Shottermill Ward and a Waverley Borough Councillor for Critchmere and Shottermill. My concerns are for all residents and businesses within the community, particularly those in the Weyhill area. I will be implementing a personal action plan to address both the concerns of all our residents and the imbalances of investment at both town and borough level when compared to other areas.”

I would like to share with you that The Planning Inspectorate has received more than 200 letters regarding the Wey Hill Fairground refurbishment. 98.7% of the letters are against the refurbishment. Nearly 60% of respondents feel that WBC’s action will have a detrimental impact on local businesses in Wey Hill.

Given your passion for Wey Hill and in your position as a Waverley Borough Councillor, what is your view of your council’s decision to spend £342,000 on a refurbishment that is causing such concern in the community?

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