Draft @WaverleyBC Parking Guidelines for New Developments (May 2012)

From the Waverley Borough Council website: Have your say on parking for new developments.

Consultation – 25 May to 5 July 2012

The Council is consulting on the proposed parking guidelines for Waverley.  They set out the level of vehicle and cycle parking expected for new developments in the Borough.

In the past the Council has used the Surrey County Council Parking Guidelines from 2003 as the starting point in assessing the appropriate level of parking provision.  Surrey County Council has recently published an updated version of these guidelines (January 2012).

The Council is proposing setting its own local parking guidelines for residential development, which are effectively a development of the January 2012 County guidelines.  For other forms of development, including commercial development, the intention is that the Council should adopt the new parking guidelines from the 2012 Surrey County guidance.

Once adopted these guidelines will be used as the basis for determining the required level of car parking in new developments.

See document Draft Waverley Borough Council Parking Guidelines (698KB). These draft guidelines set out the level of car parking expected for new developments in Waverley. In addition, it sets out guidelines for cycle parking, disabled parking and school parking provision.

The consultation will run until 5 July 2012 and any comments should be submitted by that date.

Comments should be sent by email to sarah.nash@waverley.gov.uk, or alternatively, by post to:

Sarah Nash
Planning Services
Waverley Borough Council
The Burys
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