Does @Jeremy_Hunt think @SurreyCouncil has found the right way to sort it out?

That is a quotation from Jeremy Hunt, Conservative MP for South West Surrey:

Parking around Haslemere Station has been a nightmare for ages but we obviously need to make sure we find the right way to sort it out. The long term solution must involve increasing capacity at the station car park, but in terms of what can be done now people need to make their feelings known in consultation. I intend to be closely involved in helping to work out a sensible way forward.

In another blog post, Jeremy Hunt wrote:

I met Steve Renshaw and we discussed at length, the concerns that have been expressed both to me and to him by many Haslemere residents, along with those comments of support. Steve is obviously not able to comment until after the consultation process is finished and the responses properly analysed, but it was clear to me he has listened carefully to what people have said. My sense was that he is prepared to recommend substantive changes to the plans if the final results of the consultation confirm what he has heard so far.

Jeremy Hunt’s parking nightmare simply gets displaced into other streets if the Local Committee (Waverley) agrees with Surrey County Council’s recommendations. Surrey County Council proposes to make significant parking revenues whilst the parking nightmare remains, albeit in different roads.

Is that really the right way to sort it out?