Decision Day on parking via @EagleRadio

Decision day on parking charges in Haslemere – via Eagle Radio

6:38am 16th March 2012.

A final decision is due on whether to introduce car parking charges in Haslemere.

Surrey County Council wants to install parking meters in some parts of the town in a bid to ease congestion.

But some residents think it will damage local businesses.

Resident Nikki Barton is worried about what it will do to the feel of the town:”To put pay and display throughout our small market town will ruin the nature of that, without actually dealing with the issue of commuter parking.

“Where people go and help at a school, where people go to help at a school play, they will actually have to pay to go to visit a friend for example.

“It is a complete scandal.”

A decision will be made at a meeting of the Surrey County Council Waverley Local Committee at The Chichester Hall in Witley this afternoon.