Cycle Parking in Haslemere

Cycle parking was discussed at the last meeting of the Waverley Cycle Forum.

From the July 2012 minutes:

Cycle Parking in Haslemere
PM had been in touch with DM saying he had written to Steve Renshaw (SCC Haslemere) when there was a major debate going on about parking in Haslemere. More cycle parking in the town could help to address some of the concerns of those who are unhappy with new parking restrictions for drivers. Steve Renshaw had responded positively and asked county officers to consider further though as yet there is nothing further to report. PM has also been trying to get a contact at South West Trains about cycle parking at the station to discuss expansion/improvements, so far without success.

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  1. Paul M
    21/10/2012 at 16:18

    Indeed it was. And it is on the agenda for the next meeting on Thursday.

    There have in fact beem some developments. SWT did eventually reply to me and confirmed that they have applied for funding from the DfT to build a larger secure cycle parking facility at the station similar to what apparently they have at Petersfield. You might ask why they need to seek DfT funds but evidently anyone would look for something they don’t have to pay for before something which they do, so I suppose SWT would be no different.

    I hope to open out the conversation to motorcycle parking, on the basis that they also require minimal space to park and may be more practical for anyone who is travelling more than a couple of miles to the station and is not super-fit.

    Councillor Renshaw hasn’t yet heard from officers about his query on additional cycle stands in the town so is following up. There should be an officer from Surrey Highways at the Forum neeting so I am going to ask him straight, if he turns up (if).

    There is also the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, which has provided about £3m grant for promoting sustainable transport in the South Downs National Park. Surrey CC will bid for some of this money for Haslemere which ,although not in the SDNP, is right on the edge of it – it starts at the Sussex border just on the southern side of town. The bid will be to promote travel via Haslemere railway station for bus users, walkers and cyclists. I guess we will be thinking about ideas to attract such visitors to take a short diversion into the town to grab a coffee or buy a paper before they venture into the SDNP itself.

    I don’t know whether Waverley has any plans to bid for these funds for any purpose, but I will be asking them. I plan to ask Councillor King about the possibility of cycle stands in the High St car park and possibly other car parks – I am sure that there must be some little scraps of space which can’t accommodate a car which could accommodate a bicycle – after all, you can park about 20 bicycles in the space of one car, as the City of London has demonstrated in its multi-storeys.

  2. Paul M
    08/11/2012 at 14:25

    There was nothing new to report at the recent Waverley Cycle Forum on cycle parking in the town, but we did get updates on cycle parking at the station and on the Two parks project.

    There was a Stakeholder Meeting last week in Basingstoke between SWT staff and various rail users. Attendees included cycling campaigners and Surrey CC’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund manager. I haven’t yet heard what that produced.

    Surrey has various proposals for applying for LSTF funds from the Two Parks Project to attract visiting walkers and cyclists to access the South Downs park by rail to Haslemere and possibly onwards by bus if they don’t start walking or cycling here. Part of the project is to provide signing for walking and cycle routes, using the Serpent Trail among other routes, one of which would be a circular ramble from the station around Black Down, and the other a point-to-point route ending at Liphook station. I have been talking to the Surrey manager about ensuring that the signed routes detour slightly to pass through the town centre, and that more secure cycle parking is provided, so that local retailers can benefit from the passing trade. (Cake shops in particular – cyclists have a reputation for eating a lot of cake).

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