Courts Hill Road resident: Objection to Proposed P&D parking restrictions in Haslemere

From: Viv Shorleson [mailto: removed]
Sent: 22 February 2012 11:12 AM
Subject: Objection to Proposed P&D parking restrictions in Haslemere
Importance: High

Dear Editor

Please find attached my letter of objection to the SCC Parking proposals for Haslemere and background to the Courts Hill Road discussions that I have been involved with during 2011.

I hope that other residents will share their first hand experiences and contribute to the discussions.


Viv Williams

In summary, this Courts Hill Road (CHR) resident objects to the proposals on the following grounds:

I object to the proposals specifically including Pay and Display (P& D) parking bays that SCC have proposed for Courts Hill Road, Haslemere.

I also object to the proposals, including P&D parking bays, that SCC have proposed for Haslemere as a whole.

I object to the disjointed, piecemeal manner in which residents and business owners have so far been consulted on the parking proposals, including that in which I was involved for CHR.

I object to the statements from Cllr Renshaw stating that residents support the proposals as currently advertised.

Here is the CHR resident’s letter of objection in full: CHR Haslemere SCC Parking Proposals Objection letter

Please note the objection letter references two e-mails. This is one: Email to Courts Hill Road residents 21 Sept 2011

The other e-mail dated 21st September from the Waverley Local Committee cannot be published due to the legal disclaimer at the end of the e-mail.

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One Response to Courts Hill Road resident: Objection to Proposed P&D parking restrictions in Haslemere

  1. grayswoodcommuter says:

    The effort to create this objection and correspondence to SCC deserves some credit, very well done.

    It is slightly let down by two statements, quoted as “this will have the benefit of displacing commuter parking from courts hill” and “parking spaces blocked by commuter parking”.

    This anti commuter sentiment really has no foundation in its arguments. The road outside anyone’s home is not owned by them. I drive to Haslemere to commute, from Grayswood, and have a right to park. Wanting to displace commuter parking is only moving it somewhere else and making the density worse in someone else’s road.

    Courts hill is near the station, hence desirable for parking, but then everyone who lives near the station bought their house long after the station and commuting were invented.

    Finally, how can commuters “block” parking spaces. First come first served is how it works.

    I would add that blocking, fully or even partially to any degree, someone’s access of a road is never justified.

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