Councillor Renshaw’s Proposer, Seconder and Assentors

This is the NOTICE OF POLL 4th June 2009. This was when Steve Renshaw stood as the Conservative Candidate in the Surrey County Council elections and was successfully elected.

Steve Renshaw’s Proposer was Robert Knowles, who is now the Leader of Waverley Borough Council. Robert Knowles sits on the Local Committee (Waverley) and was very quiet during the 16th March 2012 meeting when Haslemere’s parking proposals were being discussed. His Proposer was William King, Haslemere Town Council. William King attended the 6th March 2012 meeting that Councillor Pat Frost was told to arrange after David Hodge, Leader of Surrey County Council, had received a letter setting out the case for a judicial review. We must not mention it as it was a private meeting.

Assentors were Carole King, Waverley Borough Council, Haslemere Hall Trustee (Haslemere Hall is very near the Chestnut Road car park where parking hours and charges were extended by Carole King’s department in February 2012). She is the Parking Portfolio Holder for Waverley. has mentioned Carole King before when talking about the Fun Fair being stopped for the Charter Fair and when she shared with the Editor of this site that readers’ views were of no concern regarding the refurbishment of the Wey Hill Fairground site and residents’ views were dismissed as “twitterings in the ether”. (Stay tuned readers…this is a blog about parking and there’ll be information coming very soon about Waverley Borough Council’s plans for the Weyhill CarPark and our next parking campaign will be to communicate with the shops, businesses, residents and commuters who may be affected by Waverley’s proposed parking plans for this car park.)

Others Assentors were Mary M Thomas, Jean Browning, Alec Browning, G A Jackson, P C Read, M E Tuke, D R M Tuke.

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  1. haslemerehetty says:

    Thick as thieves, these incestuous relationships breed corruption and deceit.

    Haslemere will never get a fair and unbiased consultation [on anything] as long as they exist.

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