Councillor Renshaw of @SurreyCouncil shares the Committee’s view of the people of Haslemere

Once again, the topic of Haslemere parking makes the front page of the Haslemere Herald with the headline: Joy over charges rejection.

There is a quote from Surrey County Council’s Councillor, Steve Renshaw:

There was little support for on-street charging, and these proposals were dropped.

However, the difficulties faced by residents in roads near the station – given their frequent inability to park in their own roads – were recognised, by the agreement to proceed with the introduction of residents’ permit schemes for specific roads, which has been widely welcomed.

Although the committee reached a balanced view, I was very concerned with the discourtesy and inappropriate behaviour of so many of the public – who seemed unable to distinguish between a public meeting and a meeting that was being held in public – who had clearly been badly led and ill advised, which reflected poorly on the people of Haslemere in the eyes of the committee.

There can be no excuses for that type of behaviour under any circumstances.

On Wednesday this week, George Osborne delivered his budget. Here is a YouTube clip. It’s rowdier than Chichester Hall. There’s more heckling than at Chichester Hall. It’s louder than Chichester Hall.

You may also wish to read a letter to the Leader of Surrey County Council and Jeremy Hunt by the President of The Haslemere Chamber of Trade.



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9 Responses to Councillor Renshaw of @SurreyCouncil shares the Committee’s view of the people of Haslemere

  1. grayswoodcommuter says:

    I imagine / expect that this ill-considered outburst by Steve Renshaw will be the last straw for Haslemere residents in this affair. Again the point is missed that whilst new parking regulations or pay and display were frustrating many people, it was the PROCESS or lack of that led to the anger. The meeting and the ill feeling towards various Councillors was due to the way in which we had been treated like fools. And if shouting, heckling and mildly abusing those Councillors during the meeting is uncomfortable for them, they might well then learn how to run a process like this better in future. Haslemere residents have nothing to apologise for.

    I’ll repeat my demand Mr Renshaw – grow up, read the code of conduct in public office and then resign, and resign now. Haslemere and Surrey generally do not want you to represent us.

    Adrian Butter

    • AW1957 says:

      There speaks a man [Councillor Renshaw] with no humility.
      Hats off to the protest group. They had the conviction to act. Now Haslemere must demand proper consultation.

  2. Paul M says:

    The difference between the Chichester Hall meeting and the House of Commons during the budget debate is that those present, and perhaps heckling etc, were elected represetatives, voted for by their constituents, ,who had a right to be there, to vote and to speak and be heard.

    The public who attended the Chichester Hall meeting had a right to attend, and to listen to the proceedings, but they had no rights to vote or to speak, or heckle. They have no status as elected representatives of the County Council. They were a self-selected group. From what I have heard, regardless of the alleged transgressions of Councillor Frost, their behaviour was inappropriate, discourteous and by definition undemocratic.

    Personally, while I have an interest in finding a workable solution which is acceptable to all or most residents, as I am personally affected by on-street parking, I woudl not wish to be associated with mob behaviour.

    • AndrewLoves says:

      Dear Paul.

      It sounds like you did not actually attend Chichester Hall meeting? I say this because if you had, your opinion may have been quite different. Or maybe you are one of the few individuals who have selfishly done a special ‘deal’ with Councillor Renshaw with little regard for your neighbours?

      You may not be aware that 4 Councillors have publically dissociated themselves from that same meeting. Quoting a letter from them in this weeks Haslemere Herald: “the shockingly disrespectful way Haslemere residents were treated at the SCC meeting”.

      I have respect for Councillors; Dr Nicky Lee, Fay Foster, Cyndy Lancaster and Brian Howard for doing this, and also for Councillor Carole Cockburn for standing up to Councillor Pat Frost.

      For a pretty accurate description you might want to read about the meeting by Robert Serman: ‘Meeting was reminiscent of something between Hogarth’s Gin Lane and the Mad Hatter’s tea party’.

      • Paul M says:

        You are right. I was not there – I would have like to have been but work did not permit.

        Having said that, I think it reasonable to speculate, especially from the language which other observers have used (Hogarth etc) and from Councillor Renshaw’s perspective, that not everyone would perceive the protesters’ behavour in the way that the protesters themselves have evidently done.

        And please don’t insult me or slander me with the suggestion that I have done or indeed would have wanted to do, any “selfish” “special deal”. The parking issue does not affect me, or any of my neighbours, in our capacity as residents – we live at too great a distance for that – although it certainly affects me as a road user.

        • AndrewLoves says:

          I’m relieved you’re not one a selfish dealmakers. You’re anonymous so no harm done to your good name. Just trying to work out why you choose to defend Frost Renshaw & Co when you were not at the meeting?

          We have a lot in common. I commute and don’t use a car to get to the station (I live a mile away so walk). Parking does not affect me personally but it affects me and my family as we navigate the unpaved side roads of Haslemere.

          I’d like better public transport/cycle paths/20 miles speed limit/park & ride/walking buses for school. But also a proper open consultation!

          For the record, in the Hogarth letter it actually describes the bad conduct of the committee, not Councillor Cockburn.

  3. Editor says:

    Dear Paul M – “It sounds like you did not actually attend Chichester Hall meeting?” Were you there?

  4. buster says:

    Dear Cllr Renshaw – “I think that you and I were at a different meeting” The only “bad behaviour” and “rudeness” came from Councillor Frost!!!

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