Council agrees to seek consent to introduce Wey Hill car park charges

Last week, on Tuesday 3rd July 2012, Item 10 of the Waverley Borough Council Executive meeting was listed as a discussion about the Wey Hill Fairground Car Park.

In an earlier blog post, Waverley Borough Council seeks new permission to pave way for Wey Hill car park Pay & Display, we wrote:

A report is being taken to Waverley Borough Council’s 3rd July Executive meeting to provide an update on proposals to refurbish and introduce charging at Weyhill Car Park, Haslemere, and to seek authority to proceed with the submission of an application for Common Land Consent under Section 38 of the Commons Act 2006.

The discussion for Item 10 lasted less than 2 minutes and did not mention the introduction of charging. The council decided to proceed with the submission of an application for Common Land Consent in order to refurbish Wey Hill car park and introduce charging.

This is a webcast of Item 10.

Here is a full transcription:

Cllr Mike Band: We move on now to Item 10, which is the Wey Hill Car Park. Cllr Carole King.

Cllr Carole King: Thank you, Chairman. This site in my ward is a registered common and it’s been used informally as a car park for about the last 50 years. It is owned by Waverley Borough Council who obtained, in 1994, permission for a parking scheme from the Secretary of State under Section 194 of The Law of Property Act. This permission remains extant, however, that particular Act of Property has now been repealed and common land consent is covered now by Section 38 of The Commons Act, 2006. It all gets very confusing. Given that the current scheme, the proposed scheme to regularise the car parking on this land is of a lesser nature than the plan originally gained permission for, it’s appropriate to make application to the Planning Inspectorate under the 2006 Act. This will give the opportunity to the local community to give up-to-date representations under the current legislation to enable this council to move forward, hopefully, with our plans to re-surface this car park. Thank you.

Cllr Mike Band: Anybody else wish to comment? I mean, I think as Cllr King has said, it is pretty self-evident the appropriate route for us to take at this particular stage and again I think that this is the absolutely correct recommendation for us to follow at this point in time so I commend that to you. This is agreed? OK. Thank you for that.

For reference, this was the 1994 Secretary of State consent to refurbish the Wey Hill fairground car park plus plan.

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One Response to Council agrees to seek consent to introduce Wey Hill car park charges

  1. AndrewB says:

    I guess it’s a start, they seem to be a wary of stirring up another hornets nest, I’m not a resident but really object to this when far better places exist to build permanent & high capacity parking near the station which is a major priority. Introducing charging will result in commuters who can’t or don’t want to pay being even more of a nuisance to locals.

    It’s actually not a bad place for a two storey parking building for Weyhill shoppers & businesses and since the council own it, they could build on it, after a parking building is put up at the station.

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