Conservatives freeze parking charges

Conservatives freeze parking charges, but sadly (your Editor sighs) that headline was from 2009, not 2012. Back then, Waverley Borough Council’s ruling Conservative Executive recommended that Car Park charges remain unchanged in April, with one minor exception in Farnham which was at the request of local business to encourage short term parking. In the Fresh Start For Waverley bulletin, Cllr Robert Knowles said on 10th February 2009:

We are very aware of the difficult financial situation that many people and businesses find themselves in during the current recession, therefore we propose to hold charges at current rates to assist both residents and local business.

Cllr Knowles is a member of the Local Waverley Committee that will meet on 16th March 2012 in Chichester Hall, Witley to make the decision about the on street parking proposals for Haslemere. As well as hoping that Cllr Knowles reads this blog, it is hoped that he reads the FT too and knows that the economy is still very fragile with the ongoing eurozone crisis. One could argue the same recessionary argument is as relevant in 2012 as it was in 2009. Although, car park charges did increase in Haslemere last month which means that argument clearly had no sway in 2012.

Also, in 2009, Haslemere Councillors rejected the Liberal Democrats’ call to end free parking at Weyhill. Haslemere Councillors have rejected a call by the LibDem group leader of Waverley Borough Council to immediately resurface and end free parking for commuters and shoppers at Weyhill, Haslemere, a move which would force even more cars to park on already congested residential streets. (See previous post about Waverley recently getting permission to re-surface the Weyhill car park).

Cllr Stephen Mulliner (Critchmere & Shottermill) told the Council back in 2009:

Had the LibDem leader visited Haslemere recently, he would be aware of the dire parking situation and would know that closing the car park for any period of time for such work would cause immense problems locally, where roads are already log jammed with parked cars.

Mr Mulliner said, “This is why local Conservative Councillors have lobbied to delay such work until a comprehensive Haslemere parking strategy, including possible expansion at Haslemere Railway Station, has been put in place.”

The Haslemere Town Council published proposals last month for a local solution for parking in Haslemere but, that decision by Waverley to charge for the reduced commuter parking spaces in the Weyhill car park, is that part of a comprehensive parking strategy?


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