Census data: 5% of the 15612 inhabitants in Haslemere use the train to go to work

The 2001 Census revealed that Haslemere had a population of 15,612. 12,532 people were over 16 and between them they owned 9,156 cars or vans meanwhile 910 households in Haslemere have no car or van at all.

Linking that stat with this earlier post from haslemereparking.com –  The 2001 census shows 848 Haslemere residents used the train to get to work  – this means that 5% of the 15612 inhabitants in Haslemere use the train to go to work.

In the Transcript of the Haslemere Town Council Meeting for Residents at Haslemere Hall Commuters are mentioned 20 times. Here are two comments. (Editor note: We welcome comments from residents from all roads that have commuter traffic now, or may get displaced commuter traffic.) Here are two views …

From that transcript Anthony Mead (page 22) from Underwood Road suggests:

ANTHONY MEAD: If you were to put in a one hour residential parking restriction for Monday to Friday, 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock and allow all of our wives, children and everybody else who actually support the local economy during the day to park freely and move around, you would have solved the commuting problem. (Applause and cries in support).

and Vincent Marks (page 30) said

PROFESSOR VINCENT MARKS: I am Vincent Marks and I’m a resident in Derby Road, and I did have a meeting with Steven Renshaw and all the people in the eastern part of Derby Road. They include residents who are worried about people parking in front of their drives; there were representatives of the church — who haven’t been mentioned yet and I will come to that — and representatives of the school. Now, at the present moment the bit of road that we’re talking about in Derby Road is not occupied by commuters. They do not come quite as far as the eastern end of Derby Road. Nevertheless, the road is fully occupied with 22 cars, mostly, we believe, by people working in the school. Now, when they are occupied and there is a funeral, there is nowhere for the people who are attending the funeral to park, except on the green. That immediately creates all sorts of  traffic problems, and we know that accidents occur there. So that in fact something has to be done about the parking problem at the eastern end of Derby Road just because there is a church there and there is a school there. Now, the question about where do you park if you work and you want to come into the town; Derby Road has no parking on one side through any part of the day except — sorry, there is parking during the day except for about a two hour period. That is designed to ensure that nobody who is going to park there for a whole day can do so. If you want to come to Derby Road and park you can do so. On the other side of the road it’s fully occupied by 60 odd cars every day who park there free and occupy the road. Once upon a time when we had people parking on both sides of the road, it was a menace, and fortunately, as a result of representations, did have yellow lines put down so that we only had parking on one side. I believe that this consultation document is exactly what it says. That is you do have to say what you want, why you want it and how you propose to use it. I think that the attitude that I’ve come across here is that this is a complete sort of attack on what is basically a consultation document, and I think that there — I know full well that we will be recommending certain actions so that people can park where they want to park, and I recommend that you actually read what has been published, you look on the web and look at the maps. They are available. Some of us have looked at these things. I suggest that if more information available — no, but the information is available — if you actually looked for it and used it, then it would have been a much more informative meeting than it has been. (Applause).

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    16/02/2012 at 09:57

    Note from Editor: When this item was originally posted it stated 0.05% of commuters and not 5% of commuters. This was corrected on the post today and a CORRECTION sent to Twitter, https://twitter.com/#!/HaslemereP.

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