Caterham parking proposals thrown out due to inadequate parking provision at train stations

This article appeared in Get Surrey today – Caterham parking proposals thrown out.

PROPOSALS for new parking restrictions on ten Caterham roads have been thrown out by Surrey county councillors.

Residents of Commonwealth Road, Farningham Road, Farningham Crescent, Mount Pleasant Road, Colin Road, Croydon Road, Beechwood Road, Beechwood Gardens, Elgin Crescent and Trenholm Court were consulted over the plans between November last year and January this year.

And last week, members of Surrey County Council’s Tandridge Local Committee discussed the possibility of introducing double yellow lines, permit parking and parking bays.

County Councillor Sally Marks said: “Part of the issue is that the roads around there are used by commuters and this is because there isn’t enough car parks for them.

“We need to improve the traffic flow, but people still need somewhere to park.

“There are four mainline stations in my area and I can say that three of them do not have sufficient parking.”

Every resident was asked how they would like to see parking improved in the area, but only 35 per cent responded.

Consequently the county council decided at the meeting on Friday last week not to proceed with any new parking restriction in any of the roads. Committee members said there had been no consensus from residents – with some saying parking permits would be beneficial but others arguing there is not enough road space for residents.

County council leader David Hodge said: “I am unsure what we can do about it and I am concerned that we might be raising people’s expectations that we can miraculously rectify these issues.”

Current on-street parking controls will be kept under review, they added.