Article, Mid-term, How’s @SurreyCouncil doing, from Surrey Tax Action Group

On 29th September 2011, The Surrey Tax Action Group wrote an article, MID TERM – HOW’S SCC DOING? The article begins:

While opinion is always subjective STAG feels there is little evidence to suggest SCC has either become more open or that is listening to people.

On the subject of on street parking charges, STAG observes:

The recent petition to SCC on the council’s website was signed by more than 26,000 people (thousands more signed other similar local petitions) opposing the introduction of street parking charges, as part of a fund raising exercise. The petition was thrown out at a council meeting in May of this year. (Editor note, May 2011)

Perhaps the most disappointing feature of the current administration is its lack of willingness to recognise opposing views no matter how clearly they are stated, a recent example is the administration’s refusal to recognise the almost total opposition to on street parking charges.

The on street parking charges proposal is clearly simply a clumsy revenue raising exercise: many will assume the need for additional revenue is more about SCC retaining and protecting its own structure than a desire to provide improved efficiency and services for taxpayers.

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