Arrogant, bureaucratic, lacking in vision, obsessed with itself, inefficient…@SurreyCouncil

This article appeared in the Surrey Advertiser in 2009. It begins:

Arrogant, bureaucratic, lacking in vision, obsessed with itself, inefficient, unsophisticated, with a culture of blame and bullying, a lack of leadership and in denial about its shortcomings.

This is the evaluation of Surrey County Council by the man who has been in charge for the last six months.

Outgoing interim Chief Executive, Michael Frater, delivered the report to the council’s ruling Conservative cabinet last week as he handed over responsibility to new Chief Executive, David McNulty.

We’ve written before about David McNulty when mentioning a Surrey Advertiser article on 16th February 2012, Council chief’s salary among highest in the country. (The article doesn’t give a breakdown of benefits and perks):

David McNulty, the county council’s chief executive, will earn the equivalent of £213,040 this year despite services across Surrey being pinched.

The salary is £63,000 more than Prime Minister David Cameron and almost £80,000 more than the average council chief executive.

This is what The Taxpayers Alliance had to say about David McNulty’s salary last year.

Readers, two questions for you:

Firstly, have things improved at Surrey County Council since the Frater Report?

Secondly, how does David McNulty, Chief Executive of Surrey County Council, justify a salary that is higher than the Prime Minister’s?


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