All car parks should be either free or pay-on-exit, says one blogger

One blogger wrote on 28th March 2009, Haslemere via the Surrey countryside; pay and display.

Today we drove through the beautiful Surrey countryside to Haslemere, passing through the villages of Albury, Chilworth, Blackheath, Wonersh, Bramley, Hascombe and Hambledon. The pictures show the centre of Haslemere and the Coffee shop where we stopped for tea and cakes. The many who seem to think that Surrey is full of houses and traffic should try a trip like this. On second thoughts, perhaps we should stay quiet and selfishly keep it to ourselves.

The only black mark was the Haslemere car park, of the hated pay-and-display variety. While we walked to the ticket machine a man in uniform was already preparing to issue a fixed penalty notice. Fortunately he saw me waving furiously in the distance. I have said this before “Pay-and-display is EVIL”. It is a trick to extract fines from people who either do not have the required coins or who don’t know how long they will be away from the vehicle. All car parks should be either free or pay-on-exit.


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