Action Group response to @SurreyCouncil parking proposals

Haslemere Action Group press release sent to Haslemere Herald re. @SurreyCouncil parking proposals below.


We urge all readers to take a good look at the SCC parking proposals for Haslemere that were published in the Herald last week to understand how they will be affected, directly or indirectly by these plans.  Surrey intends to introduce extensive double yellow lining and paid-for Residents Only Permits across much of the town without addressing the real issue of the provision of more commuter parking at the train station and potentially making parking matters worse for those with regular activities in the town.

We support those elements of the proposals that will give parking controls to roads very badly affected by commuter parking, where there is majority resident support for such measures and essential safety lining.  On the other hand,  we consider that in bringing forward this wide-reaching package of proposals for just a four week statutory consultation, having conducted a limited and inadequate pre-consultation, SCC is in effect attempting to introduce pay and display via the back door.   There is no attempt to consider the full extent of the inevitable displacement of cars and the proposals totally fail to consider a holistic strategy for the town that we had been promised by the SCC senior leadership team.

We consider that the SCC proposals are also of significance for us all.  They remove significant parking capacity from the town which will impact not just the residents of those roads directly affected but users of the Haslemere Hospital and Health Centre, churches and schools, and all who park around the town who have no off-street parking, not to mention those who visit friends, work in the shops and local businesses etc.  Significant displacement will just shift the parking problem to other streets around the town and the current informal cooperation between people, accepting that others come and park in front of their houses in exchange for the opportunity to do the same elsewhere in the town, will be replaced by a mindset of territorial ownership rights.

We fail to understand how the LAC can in good faith attempt to push all of these wider proposals through without taking the time to look at the full picture in a connected way with a consistent vision.

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  1. Paul M
    30/10/2012 at 09:14

    Curious that it took the Haslemere Herald a full week to notice the large public advertisement placed its pages by Surrey CC outlining the parking proposals! By the time their story went to poress perhapos their were only three weeks to object, but the full 28 days of statutory consultation was available to anyone who read the notice the proceding week.

    Mind you, the notice was not much help without the plans – quite confusing to follow unless you could see the proposals marked up on the ground. Those were available on line.

    I must say I had the distinct impression that the residents of the affected streets haad indeed given their emphatic support for the ROP proposals in their streets. The minutes of the Waverley Local Committee indicate that in addition to survey responses from the summer showing about 2/3rd support from those who responded, some streets had raised petitions which in one case at least had 100% support from every resident.

    I like the ide of “informal co-operation” – I guess the residents of Popes Mead, for example,, must be thrilled to know that residents of Scotland Lane, for example, are quite happy to let them park in their street as a trade! I am sure they will have many many opportunities to do so!

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