A solution to some of the parking problems and improve traffic flow

A Haslemere resident has asked for his suggestion to be published in the parking forum.

A simple way of improving traffic flow around Haslemere and providing parking spaces for the residents of Lower Street, Shepherds Hill, popes mead and improve parking in West Street and Bridge Road. The proposal is to make Lower Street from Tanners Lane to the Town hall one way and also West Street, part of Chestnut Avenue and Bridge Road.

If this scheme was implemented it could mean in excess of 200 extra parking spaces for the residents of Haslemere my suggestion would be to make it for the residents only, this would also alleviate the problem of people parking in other people’s roads. Access to and from the fire station would need to be considered. With possibly an extra egress via the Tanners Lane car park.

The proposal is to allow traffic from Tanners Lane towards the town hall. Traffic in the other direction from the town hall would take West Street, chestnut Avenue, Bridge Road and Tanners Lane. This would provide extra parking in lower Street, and West Street probably an extra 20 places in West Street and because the traffic is flowing in one direction only there would be no lengthy queues in West Street and traffic jams and this would alleviate the problems caused by narrow road outside Yew tree Cottage in lower Street and make the roads safer for all the residents. It would also improve the flow of traffic along Bridge Road because at the moment cars travelling along Bridge Road have to give way to oncoming traffic due to the parked vehicles but because of the flow of traffic would be in one direction only it would be possible to add quite a few more parking spaces to bridge road as well. We would need to consider the traffic junctions at the high Street end of West Street and also at Tanners Lane my solution would be with the scheme above would be to install a mini roundabout at Tanners Lane junctions and also to put a yellow hatched box where lower Street approaches the town hall junction so traffic going round the town hall to the 286 or the Petworth road would not obstructing traffic going round the town hall to the car park or onto Guildford.This idea has come about due to watching what has been happening because of the gas works which are presently ongoing in lower Street. The map below with arrows indicating direction of flow along various streets are also the green is in dictating extra parking and red spots indicating mini roundabouts. This is only a rough idea and suggestions would be very welcome. Having discussed this with various people there are concerns about HGVs which I think could be easily addressed and reversing the flow of traffic from what I have on the map may work better also it could be possible to make Tanners Lane one way.

Regards David Simmons

email g1mal@btinternet.com

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Tight squeeze as a bus and lorry pass by Lower Street

Pillar smashed by the number 19 bus whilst trying to pass alongside a lorry in Lower Street

4 comments for “A solution to some of the parking problems and improve traffic flow

  1. JB_Commuter
    20/06/2012 at 09:03

    I think this is quite a good idea but to work it would need to be in the reverse order. There is a move against one way systems across the country but the argument for creating a large number of additional spaces, particularly for those roads that suffer from lack of parking, could overcome this.

    Yours, Highercombe Road commuter

  2. Richard
    20/06/2012 at 13:49

    The idea of a one way system had come up several times over the past few years, the main problem is the tight turns opposite the hall and at the bridge end, and if you take a few moments at the junction of Bridge Road and Chestnut Avenue, during the road works you will see the buses and HGV’s struggle to get round the corner and regularly mount the pavement when coming from West Street. Also I recall the Fire Service did not like the idea as it would add extra time to go round a one way system

    Even with a one way system, parking would probably not be possible in Lower Street as is very narrow and the HGV’s and buses would find it difficult to get through. However halving the amount of traffic would be a great benefit to the Lower Street residents. The Bridge Road residents are very aware of the amount of traffic that uses Lower Street as the volume of traffic in Bridge Road has tripled during the road works.

    It would gain very little extra parking in West Street as the HGV’s will still need space opposite Waitrose to get out from the unloading area and parking in Chestnut Avenue by the old fire station would not be possible as it is needed for the buses and HGV’s to swing out to get round the corner

    The other proposal that has been around, of taking West Street straight on through the car park to Tanners Lane would be a much better option for Bridge Road and Chestnut Avenue, but probably not for the residents of West Street and Tanners Lane

    Haslemere has complex traffic and parking problems, a one way system would produce both winners and losers, it should only be considered along with other measures for a long term solution to ease the parking and traffic challenges of Haslemere. An overall plan must be established by experts in this field, such as a town planner. The solution must be based on facts, not a piecemeal approach based on opinions of the few, whose sole concern seems to be the ability of being able to park outside their own house, without any consideration to the implications on other people who live, work or commute from town.

  3. Paul M
    22/06/2012 at 10:07

    There is a term for what you are proposing – Gyratory. These enjoyed an era in which they were fashionable, when it seemed sensible to bow before the motor car. They are now being removed and reverted to two-way operation, slowly but surely, almost everywhere that they were once introduced. One of the highest profile examples has been Piccadilly/Pall Mall/St James St in London, but there are many others.

    The problem with gyratories is that the congestion problems they were thought to solve were not solved – nature abhors a vacuum where cars are concerned and any relaxation in congestion quickly gets built back up.

    Even then, Haslemere is not central London. There really is no traffic flow issue with Bridge St or Lower St at the moment. If you approach Bridge St from the railway bridge end you might have to wait a few seconds while oncoming traffic clears, or the other way you might have to wait while oncoming traffic on the “wrong” side of the road exits the sector, but unless you are an emergency vehicle on a time-critical callout, the inconvenience is negligible.

    Much more fundamentally, gyratories are very nasty indeed for anyone other than the occupants of vehicles – residents, pedestrians etc. They encourage traffic to exceed speed limits because they don’t have to make allowances for vehicles coming against them. This is almost certainly what would happen in both Bridge St and Lower St if they were to become parts of a gyratory. We could expect an increase in accidents to pedestrians.

    In any case, how much extra parking would it create? Bridge St is already taken up along virtually its entire length (when not kept clear for emergency vehicles as now). West St is similar apart from the voids created to permit Waitrose’s HGVs to maneouvre, or where it narrows near the Post Office. Richard is right to query whether parking in Lower St is viable – as things stand it can be tricky enough for two vehicle to pass each other and that is when both are hugging the kerb line – would all parkers be so assidous about tucking in?

    I have often noted that the Tanners Lane car park is virtually empty almost all of the time. Even during the fstival when the town centre (Waitrose) car park was occupied by fairground vehicles etc it did’t fill up. Last time I checked, Waverley provided annual season tickets at a substantial discount to the daily charges for all of its car parks, although you do have to contact the Borough offices to get one.

  4. AW1957
    22/06/2012 at 12:09

    Either I or my wife walk our son to and from school each day and our route takes us through Tanners Lane car park. This car park gets very busy during the week.

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