A must read! @SurreyCC & @WaverleyBC U-Turn over parking proposals

We have caught sight of combined new proposals from Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council for a new solution for parking in Haslemere.

Given the unknown timing for funding for the upper deck at the station car park, and its place in the queue behind the new deck for the station car park in Southampton, WaverleyBC and SurreyCC have agreed a new sustainable approach for the town that will be subject to review in June when the Local Committee (Waverley) next meets.

In summary:

  • The Undershaw Preservation Trust has brokered a deal with Waverley Borough and the Undershaw developer, Fossway Limited, to offer land at the site to build a multi-storey car park behind the house in exchange for retaining the Grade II listed building and creating a visitor centre to commemorate the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, however, it is understood that Fossway Limited will receive 50% of profits from the car park and Waverley Borough Council have agreed to invest their 50% into local projects in Haslemere including a commuter shuttle* service that will run in sync with the South West Train time table. There will also be a Brompton bike hire centre for commuters at Undershaw. It is anticipated this will be funded by Surrey County Council’s forfeiture of its own free parking rights (with immediate effect).
  • In May, Waverley Borough Council will be beta-testing a free iPad app where commuters may coordinate car shares with local taxi drivers whilst on their commute home. For each car share, taxi drivers will give 20p per driver to The Hasleyway Community Centre.
  • *This shuttle service will also be used as a school bus between 8.15am and 9am and between 3.15pm and 4pm. It will provide a community bus service during the day (pricing will be confirmed).
  • A Park & Ride service will be introduced from Grayswood, Chiddingfold, Fernhurst, Midhurst, Beacon Hill and Petworth in sync with the South West Trains timetable.
  • South West Trains will reduce train fares for season ticket holders who cycle, walk, taxi share or use the new park & ride scheme. Car park season ticket charges will increase for those who live within a mile radius of the station.
  • Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council have also agreed with Julianne Evans, The President of Haslemere’s Chamber of Trade, that they are to introduce new green incentive points for cyclists and walkers that will be administered through the award-winning Haslemere Reward Points scheme. This will involve reward points for leaving the car at home.
  • The WeyHill Fairground Site will be developed into a community square and all profits from this area will be donated to the Mayor’s charities. Hazel trees will be used as a backdrop to a stunning water feature that is driven from the natural springs.
  • In an unprecedented and radical move by both councils, residents will be openly consulted on all the matters above.
  • A single Popes Mead resident’s permit will still be made available in the town centre and Surrey County Council has agreed to use gold paint instead of yellow for the road markings. Each corner will be embossed with the Haslemere Coat of Arms (to adhere to the Haslemere Design Statement). Surrey County Council has not yet disclosed that the resident’s permit will increase by 75% per annum, however, it is implicit in any agreement that the cost of enforcement for gold markings is substantial and must not make a loss.

Click here to view the combined Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council proposals in full.


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    It seems we caught out several people with our April Fool yesterday. We’ve now added the April Fool picture to the story.

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