A lot of parking mentions in this week’s Haslemere Herald

Parking gets several mentions in this week’s Haslemere Herald. The lead article written by Beatrice Philpotts is entitled “Residents React over plan row”. In the parking forum last week, we wrote about the Weyhill Neighbourhood Planning Forum and shared the letters that co-convenors, Alan Barlow and David O’Brien sent to Robert Knowles, Jeremy Hunt, Eric Pickles and Jim Edwards (Mayor, Haslemere Town Council). Here are those letters again:

Wey Hill Neighbourhood Planning Forum – Letter to Robert Knowles Waverley BC

Wey Hill Neighbourhood Planning Forum – Letter to Jeremy Hunt MP

Wey Hill Neighbourhood Planning Forum – Letter to SoS Communities and Local Govt

Wey Hill Neighbourhood Planning Forum – Letter to Mayor Haslemere Town Council

In the Haslemere Herald article, David O’Brien accused Waverley Borough Council of trying to derail the Weyhill forum by wrongly insisting it did not have the necessary powers. O’Brien also asked for confirmation from Mr Knowles (Leader of Waverley Borough Council) that the pay & display scheme on the Wey Hill Fairground site is not going to proceed and that the common land is there for future sustainable use.

On the subject of the Southern Gas Networks, the Haslemere Herald reports (front page article entitled “It’s a sign of the times”) that Carole King, portfolio holder for Waverley Borough Council car parks and planning, has agreed to a meeting on Wednesday 9th May to discuss the parking situation during the roadworks. In an earlier blog post entitled Community Spirit?! it was reported that Carole King had been unwilling to offer free parking from 2pm.

A tribute to Jim Edwards (Town Mayor) on page 2 of the Haslemere Herald by Melanie Odell (Town Councillor and former Town Mayor) states:

Along with the general day to day duties of being mayor in a bustling busy town renowned for its excellent voluntary sector, Jim also had the unexpected and very unwelcome parking debacle to deal with.

You’ll remember Jim Edwards chaired the Public Meeting at Haslemere Hall on 24th January when Councillor Steve Renshaw faced questions from the public. Here is the transcript from that meeting:

Transcript of Haslemere Town Council Meeting for Residents at Haslemere Hall.

On page 5 of this week’s Haslemere Herald, there is the sad story about Taylor & Roberts closing down. The article talks about how our councils are not blameless:

They must look far beyond their doctrine of revenue gathering above all things and realise that their aggressive policies on parking and rates are causing as much harm to the local business community as any internet trader or out of town retail park. If they do not, they will find that soon there will be precious little revenue for them to gather.

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  1. Editor
    06/05/2012 at 12:22

    Message received by parking forum yesterday evening from David O’Brien, co-convenor Weyhill Neighbourhood Planning (WHNP) Forum:

    “Robert Knowles has taken the time to write to Alan and myself supporting the WHNP forum and took the opportunity to review the opportunities the Localism Act offers communities…We really do need to work with everyone in good faith and with a good spirit and I’m very pleased Robert has instructed his officers to help and assist.”

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