A day at the Panto – @SurreyCouncil parking Proposals for Haslemere – open letter

I had the privilege of attending the recent Waverley Local Area Committee meeting on Friday 16th March at Chichester Hall, Witley, where I understood the issue of the latest SCC parking proposals would be discussed.

What an experience. From the start Madam Chairman (Editor’s note, Councillor Pat Frost) behaved like a combination of a girls Private School headmistress, tin pot autocrat and spoilt child. Almost inevitably the meeting descended into farce with several members of the public being ejected. The Haslemere residents are clearly upset by the lack of consultation and the inaccurate reporting of their views to the Committee and it is also¬† clear¬† that SCC have not done their homework properly and been blindsided by the level of opposition to these proposal. Watching the Committee members squirm was frankly pathetic.

Thankfully the efforts of those opposed to the proposals have paid off to a degree, and Pay and Display has been dropped (Thank you), but there is still no joined up plan. In fact what we were then treated to was in many ways worse than the initial proposals, with the Council going through various Maps of Haslemere and seemingly randomly applying restrictions such as yellow lines or residents bays (when they could work out which part of the town they were actually talking about).

What is staggering about all of this is that a sensible consultation could easily solve Haslemere’s parking problems – there are plenty of sensible ideas on the table but SCC are not interested in listening – because the best ones don’t raise money for the council coffers.

As a demonstration of democracy in action the meeting was pitiful – If this is the Big Society Mr. Cameron should hang his head in shame. One more question – Mr. Hunt – where are you?

Make no mistake – if this whole flawed process is not abandoned and done properly there will be a great deal of damage done not only to Haslemere but to your relationship with your constituents.

As a footnote – Madam Chairman was a disgrace and should resign.

Kind regards


Dominic Phillips


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One Response to A day at the Panto – @SurreyCouncil parking Proposals for Haslemere – open letter

  1. Cardsharp says:

    What an absolutely marvellous open letter. Dominic Phillips captures perfectly the disgusting way in which this meeting was conducted.

    Councillors, including Madam Chairman are servants of the electorate and would do well to remember their place. If you wish to serve the people, treat them accordingly. You will achieve much better results. As for The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP his absence speaks volumes.


    Mr C. Bwye

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