64 years ago the construction of a tiered car park was discussed

This is an extract from Haslemere (being Haslemere in History and Haslemere 1850 – 1950), G.R. Rolston, O.B.E. ISBN 0 85033 309 1, page 94-95

In 1948, there was a further threat to the existence of the Town Hall, which was again over-ruled by commonsense. Had this been allowed, the proposal envisaged the removal of the war memorial at the foot of Shepherds Hill, a roundabout in place of the Town Hall, and a regulation herringbone car park along the centre of the High Street.

For a time, car parking was permitted in the centre of the High Street, but the increase in the number of cars, compelled the authorities to devise some better scheme, if possible. Land at the west of the High Street was acquired by the council for a two-acre car park to be entered from the High Street. The diversion only partly successful, of stationary cars was the subject of an immediate outcry from traders surrounding the High Street. It was evident, however, and still is, that one car placed against a business house for any length of time, successfully blocks the approach of any further customer, and most business would appear to thrive best on a succession of customers. Timed parking limits were the next suggestion of the back-room boys, but with few exceptions this has not proved of great benefit owing to the absence, or usual absence,  of sufficient staff to supervise the time limits. In this regard, a reasonable solution might well be in the construction of a tiered car park capable of accepting more cars off the congested roadways, even if a small charge were imposed towards maintenance.

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