357 commuters on a six year waiting list

In 2009 there were 357 commuters on a six year waiting list for the car park at Haslemere station according to the Haslemere Station Multi-Storey Car Park Planning Statement produced by South West Trains. As a resident who goes by the name of haslemerian said in an earlier comment in this forum:

I agree with AndrewB. @SurreyCouncil and @WaverleyBC seem content to ignore the elephant in the room. i.e., that the Multistorey carpark for the station needs to get built. Elsewhere I read that there is a 6 (yes six) year waiting list for parking places at the station. Many businesses would be very grateful for an order book that big. It defies belief that the pent up demand cannot be capitalized upon.

There’s the ever popular question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, but there is a very clear answer to the question what comes first, the commuter parking solution or the parking enforcement? Sorting out the commuter parking first should be a priority or else we can but think the recent on-street parking proposals by Surrey County Council are nothing but a cash grab.

Why should residents in a rural town be inconvenienced by excessive parking restrictions, to force commuters into a car park that does not exist?

Dear Surrey County Council, sort out the commuter parking in Haslemere, and then provide innovative parking restrictions around the station, ones that keep traffic moving around the town and help our local businesses.

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