20 MPH Limit Hampshire Pilot Scheme via @KestrelFM

We saw this report this morning on the KestrelFM website:

20 mile an hour speed limits could be introduced to residential areas across Hampshire.

The Government is making it easier for councils to introduce 20mph limits, making it cheaper by allowing signs to be painted on the road instead of expensive road signs and encouraging more to bring in slower speeds. Hampshire County Council (HCC) is proposing a £200,000 plan to bring in 20mph in five locations.

Councillor Kendal said: “I can see the benefits that this could bring to residential areas and, in turn, the local and wider community as more residential roads are restricted to 20mph speeds. But, given speed enforcement of 20mph limits is likely to be a low priorty for the police, its success will depend on local residents and it will be important that there are opportunities for them to be involved from the start, with a view to them taking some ownership of the scheme in their area. This would be very much in keeping with Government thinking under the Localism Act.”

If the proposal is okayed then a list of possible locations will be drawn up to bring in the pilot.

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